JoBlo Movie Show #4

Wow, time flies when you're putting together an online TV show, man...phew! Today, we present the 4th episode of the JOBLO MOVIE SHOW (episode #1, episode#2, episode#3) and it's our most ambitious show yet! It lasts about 17 minutes!! (we're toying with the idea of making this a weekly show from now on, at around 8-10 minutes each...email us your thoughts if you give a shit, one way or the other)

We've also like to ask anyone who likes the show to please share it with your friends, embed it into your Facebook or MySpace pages, or just go around town, selling bootleg copies to street kids. Whatever you can do to help us promote the show will make you my best friend in the world. That and a bag of weed. This week's show features...

  • Jason Adams' first appearance (cameo by Supergirl!) on the show with his DVD INJECTION and BAD CLIP OF THE WEEK

  • Director Darren Bousman and actor Anthony Head attempt to sway the Arrow (and you) about their new film REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA

  • JimmyO reviews MAX PAYNE and PRIDE AND GLORY

  • The show also includes Matt Withers' FIVE SPOT featuring the Top 5 Pre-Smackdown Speeches in movies, my personal MOVIE WISH LIST, the return of our HERO & VILLAIN OF THE WEEK (clue: Mark Wahlberg is one of them) as well as our latest HOTTIE OF THE WEEK (her name rhymes with Malma Bayek), LITTLE KNOWN FACTS and plenty more!

NOTE: The JoBlo Movie Show can also be accessed on the YOUTUBE JOBLO MOVIE CHANNEL or directly on ITUNES.

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