JoBlo Movie Show #5

Today's "Halloween Edition" of the JOBLO MOVIE SHOW is my favorite episode so far, but I'm about as biased as it comes, so don't trust me on that and watch it yourself RIGHT HERE! We all tried to create a nice Halloween-y theme throughout the show, and hopefully you guys & gals dig it all. If you do, as I've said before, please SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS, as we want to continue making these shows for a long time to come. By the way, this week's show is NSFW (Not Safe For Work), so buyer beware... This week's episode features tons of freakiness including...

  • WIN a NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS BUST ($160 value) or 4 DVDs of the film, by checking out the show and my segment in particular. Trust me, we tried to make it fun...

  • The Arrow provides everyone with a nice Halloween treat featuring one of his faves from the 80s
  • Jason Adams dresses up in a sweet-ass costume for the latest DVD INJECTION and presents us with the latest good (...and bad!) from the world of DVDs this week

  • JimmyO is kidnapped (??) but manages to send us a tape in which his captors have allowed him to review ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO and SAW 5 for this week's show

  • The show also includes Matt Withers' FIVE SPOT featuring the Top 5 Slutty Halloween Costume ideas, the WIDE WORLD OF SAMPSON wondering why no major horror film was released on Halloween Friday this year, a handful of clips from the VH1 Scream Awards, little known facts, funny Halloween clips as well as one of my personal favorite GUESS THE BOOBIES of all-time. Phew! That enough for ya??

NOTE: The JoBlo Movie Show can also be accessed on the YOUTUBE JOBLO MOVIE CHANNEL or directly on ITUNES.



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