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JoBlo Movie Trivia Quiz: The Matrix Trilogy


Joblo Movie Trivia Quiz

Welcome to JoBlo's Spoon-bending Movie Trivia Quizzes! When 1999 began, people probably didn't know much of anything about Neo, Morpheus, Trinity or the Matrix itself; I know I certainly didn't, I was far too focused on that other sci-fi film of 1999, THE PHANTOM MENACE, to pay any mind to THE MATRIX. After finally viewing the film on VHS (yikes) I was transfixed by the wonderful and unique world which the Wachowskis had created, not to mention those highly choreographed fight scenes. Although the sequels are a bit of a mixed bag, the entire trilogy is still incredibly entertaining and will be the focus of this week's JoBlo Movie Trivia Quiz, so let's venture down the rabbit hole with a look at THE MATRIX trilogy and see just how deep your knowledge goes!


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