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JoBlo Podcast #16

May. 26, 2009by: Jim Law

It's Ammon!!

Arrow In The Head's main contributor, Ammon Gilbert, drops by the podcast studios for some quality conversation about the Horror genre. He also steadily pimps his newest project, Blood, Bullets, and Broads: The Arrow In The Head Podcast. Moreno and I couldn't be more proud. There's more MEGA SHARK VS. GIANT OCTOPUS discussion, Moreno shits all over TERMINATOR: SALVATION, and there's more love for STAR TREK than any normal human can handle. Also:

- Ammon fills us in on the hilarious real story behind his quote on the DVD box cover for DEAD COUNTRY.

- During Smarter or Dumber we discover that all three of us are smarter this week. Ammon because of drugs, Moreno because of Vulcans, and myself because of Moreno.

- Did I mention Blood, Bullets, and Broads: The Arrow In The Head Podcast? Ammon tells us when to expect it, what it's going to be about, and what a Horror BILF is.

-Moreno and I take a look at what's going on with the weekend box office and how it's destroying my staff contest, what's coming to theaters next weekend (UP is finally here bitches!), and five direct-to-DVD releases that demand your attention.

- In honor of Mike Sampson's appearance on the show a few weeks ago, Moreno puts his editing skills to test by trying to capture every single one of Mike's sniffs for a hilarious mix tape.

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Extra Tidbit: Go see UP!
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