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JoBlo Podcast #19

6 years agoby:

Duncan Jones talks MOON!!

Director of MOON, Duncan Jones joins Moreno and I for an escape from our drunken madness to talk about his new film, his beard, Tony Stark, and Kevin Spacey's sexy voice. As an extra treat, we end up getting drunk anyway and crank call The Arrow, John Fallon, and have him record the rest of the show with us. Also:

- Duncan talks in depth about the making of and promotion of MOON and his next project, ESCAPE FROM THE DEEP.

- Moreno is disgusted with me after I sneak in a Pixar reference while chatting with Duncan Jones. Represent, yo!

- Duncan also shares some Sam Rockwell stories from the set of IRON MAN 2.

- Arrow cuts short an orgy to talk to us. Apparently some guy named Mark can't control himself and ruins Arrow's couch.

-Moreno finally gets to rub in his Box Office bet win as we discuss the incredible tear THE HANGOVER is on. Also, Moreno got high at the drive-in when he was 8.

- During the Release Dates we discover TOMMY AND THE COOL MULE and rip apart it's trailer and DVD cover. Ice-T in the house.

- Find out why I've watched three seasons of 'One Tree Hill, two seasons of 'The O.C.', and a handful of MEDEA movies at work.

- Arrow chimes in with his thoughts on the FRIDAY THE 13th DVD releases and boobs.

Feel free to drop us a line at and ask Moreno how much his dog enjoyed interviewing Duncan Jones.

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