JoBlo Podcast #24

Comic Con, Bitches!

The Good, The Bad, and The JoBlo Movie Podcast is going to Comic Con this Wednesday. To celebrate Johnny Moreno and I invite our boss, Mike Sampson to the podcast to tell us what we're doing there between getting shit-bombed and hitting on random celebrities (such as Thomas Jane). We break down the panels, the screenings, the parties, and the new and improved coverage we intend on bringing you. Also, if that wasn't enough:

-Get an inside look into JoBlo.com's schedule for the Comic Con. Who's covering what and who's going to be partying with who. Moreno and Megan Fox at the same party? He has his rose ready.

- Details on our nightly podcast from the Con. We plan on taking time out every night to update our listeners on what's going down in San Diego. When one staff member passes out drunk, another steps in to take his place.

- Moreno's afraid of AVATAR footage, I'm pumped for TOY STORY 3 footage, and Sampson punishes himself with TWILIGHT: NEW MOON footage.

-We ponder why Marvel Studios is presenting the IRON MAN 2 panel and not Paramount Pictures. What does it all mean? Probably nothing. We love the drama.

- Mike explains why 14 of our readers and their guests get to go to a secret screening of DISTRICT 9 while Moreno, myself, and the rest of the JoBlo.com staff are left out in the street.

-Mike fills us in on possible controversy leading into the Masters of the Web panel, in which Mike himself will be a part of. Look for the coolest dude up there, then scan to the right. Sampson!

-A live running commentary from Zack Snyder during a screening of the director's cut of WATCHMEN? You know we'll be there. Or will we?

Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and ask us what room we're in at The Hard Rock San Diego. You can also subscribe to the show for free using the links below and/or listen to us via our fancy new streaming thingy after the links.


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