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Epic is an understatement when it comes to describing podcast #31. We kick things off with Bobcat Goldthwait joining us to chat about his new film, WORLD'S GREATEST DAD, starring Robin Williams' pecker. Then Alex Keen, our resident trailer pimp, strolls in for some sloppy seconds to tell us all about AVATAR day. And finally, Johnny Moreno and I pick apart the glorious arrival of INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. Some of this stuff went down:

- Bobcat is a blast to hang out with as he treats us to some great stories from the set of WGD. Some of the highlights include:

  • How Robin Williams cost him the Bear (hairy gay men) audience in preparation for his nude scene.
  • Why people expecting to see another RV type film might be in for a dark and twisted surprise.
  • An intimate and heartwarming conversation about Bobcat's love of zombies.
  • Why I was tricked into thinking there was going to be a secret penis moment in the film.
  • Details on a scene he had to cut from the film simply because it was too funny.
  • Bobcat's future projects. One involves multiple murders of teenagers and one is a musical.

- Moreno's got two new sounders for us and a special drop to introduce Alex Keen that leads to Alex kicking off his appearance with, "I hate you."

- Keen breaks down his expert thoughts on the new trailers for AVATAR and THE WOLFMAN. He also tells us if it was worth driving over an hour to see the footage shown at AVATAR Day.

- Moreno believes there are performance enhancing drugs involved with the production of the TWILIGHT movies.

- Be sure to head over to our podcast thread in the JoBlo.com forums to give props to Andres for creating the spectacular new poster you see at the top of this article.

- Eli Roth sucked in INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. Everything else was pretty much perfect (including Mr. Pitt, whom I foolishly doubted last show). Come listen as Moreno and I get giddy with delight discussing the film in our drunken, non-spoilerific breakdown of all it's glory.

Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and ask if I like the sound of my own voice. I talk a lot. You can also subscribe to the show for free using the links below and/or listen to us via our fancy new streaming thingy after the links.


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