JoBlo Podcast #37

Win Free Shit with Stipp!

We've only ever met one real fan of the JoBlo Movie Podcast in real life so it was only a matter of time before we got him on the show. Christopher Stipp, of Quick Stop Entertainment, kissed enough ass when we met in San Diego this past Summer to join us for a late night drunk. We're also giving away a free copy of TRICK 'r TREAT (details below). Lot's of other shit too...

- Stipp breaks down the one and only time he met Kevin Smith in a hilariously awkward story that has me cringing and Moreno laughing and pointing at his humiliation.

- Moreno's Stipp intro is legendary. So is Stipp's passion for movie trailers. He breaks down some of the most recent and explains why he considers Zack Snyder's DAWN OF THE DEAD trailer to be a perfect example of how it's supposed to be done.

- Caption this photo on my Movie Fan Central page and you could be receiving a copy of TRICK 'r TREAT in the mail just in time for Halloween. The funniest caption will be picked by Stipp this Friday and will be announced on the next podcast. NORTH AMERICAN RESIDENTS ONLY.

- Release Dates allows me to pimp the shit out of the above film, has Stipp telling us about the fantastic violence of BRONSON, and makes Moreno shamlessly make fun of Nia Vardalos.

- There's more talk of a Chicago road trip for the Brew and View, Stipp's very own novel he wrote 9 years ago, subtle inside jokes about the AITH podcast that had us rolling off air for a half-hour, why Kevin Smith hates his own site, and why Richard Dreyfuss has disappointed us all.

- Be sure to head over to our podcast thread in the JoBlo.com forums to give props to Andres for creating the spectacular new poster you see at the top of this article.

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In a row!!?!

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