JoBlo Podcast #40

Who Wants a Mustache Ride?

Jimmy O has heard us talk about him on this show long enough, it's time to nut-up or shut-up. The man with the golden 'stache finally stops by to set Moreno and I straight in all things horrific just in time for Halloween.

- Setting the tone early, Moreno and I discuss the brilliance of the opening kill scene in WRONG TURN 3: LEFT FOR DEAD. Woman takes top off. Woman takes an arrow to the tit. Woman takes another arrow to the eye. Freaky hillbilly eats eyeball.

- Find out how easy it is to take a clip of former podcast guest, Jenna Busch, talking about something so innocent as her rabbit washing her dog and make it into the filthiest conversation we've ever been a part of.

- From there we head into an epic conversation about PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. Jimmy O loved it and has already went to see it twice. Moreno and I, not so much. Everybody tries to explain why they're right until Jimmy O has enough of our bullshit and hangs up on us. He calls back ten seconds later. BEWARE SPOILERS during this discussion. Nothing major but consider yourself warned.

- All three of us try to narrow down our own personal scariest movie moments of all time. Jimmy O's involves a woman named Jessica and a guy named Michael. Mine involves a clown. Moreno's involves cockroaches.

- Caption this photo on my Movie Fan Central page and you could be receiving a free copy of ORPHAN on DVD. The funniest caption will be picked by Moreno and me this Friday @ midnight EST and will be announced on the next podcast. NORTH AMERICAN RESIDENTS ONLY.

- Be sure to head over to our podcast thread in the JoBlo.com forums to give props to Andres for creating the spectacular new header you see at the top of this article and tell us what you want from your JoBlo Movie Podcast.

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