JoBlo Podcast #44

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Enjoy as the smooth sensual sounds of Jenna Busch are replaced this week by your normal broadcasting drunk retard. That's right, I'm back from vacation, loaded to the max, and ready for some catch-up time with my main mo-fo, Johnny Moreno (special thanks to Ocelot_Snake for capturing the moment in that pic above). And this is how it all went down:

- I grill Moreno about why the last show sounded like an intimate dinner date and why my face was crossed out of the last article. As often happens, Moreno takes no responsibility for his actions and tries to change the subject. It's all very hurtful.

- Moreno can't really explain it but he thinks he loves BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANS. He describes three scenes for me that involve an alligator, an iguana, and a man who's just been shot and decides to start breakdancing. I am more than just a little curious.

- THE UGLY TRUTH puts me to sleep and gives me horrible nightmares. Moreno checks out THE THING on Blu-ray and revisits THE BASKETBALL DIARIES. I watch EXECUTIVE DECISON on a plane and fail at seeing THE BOONDOCK SAINTS II while in LA.

- Hit my Movie Fan Central page and caption this picture for a chance to get your hands on either a DVD copy or a Blu-ray copy (your choice) of TERMINATOR: SALVATION. Moreno and I will pick the funniest caption this Friday at midnight (EST) and poop it down your chimney next week.

- Release Dates allows us to vent some anger towards Vince Vaughn, wonder why Morgan Freeman does direct-to-DVD films, jizz all over the VENGEANCE TRILOGY, and kind of step over the line when discussing Kobe Bryant. Me no like.

- Other random shit: I'm an asshole to Jimmy O. Moreno rolls out a new intro sounder. My glorious hand-made Wall-E from Venice Beach (below). Some overly cryptic info on our upcoming planned event for the Chicago area. Why I'm a TV whore right now.

Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and tell us where to get those Not-AIDS pills for Moreno. You can also subscribe to the show for free using the links below and/or listen to us via our fancy new streaming thingy after the links.


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