JoBlo Podcast #47

Sampson Talks Avatar!

JoBlo.com Editor-in-Chief, Mike Sampson, stops by the podcast to tell us all about his special screening of AVATAR. Does it live up to the hype? Is it James Cameron's greatest achievement? Will it make us want to bang blue chicks? Mike answers all and pulls no punches. Thanks to my boys, Andres and Ocelot_Snake for once again capturing the moment perfectly with the images above and below this paragraph. Also:

- Moreno and I grill Mike relentlessly about AVATAR and make him rank it amongst Cameron's other films. This ends up confusing us and makes us yell at him even more than normal.

- Then we ask Mike about the recent trend of JoBlo.om staffers getting quoted on TV and in print which leads to his incredibly funny story about the piece below that ran in Canada. His quote is the top one. Canadians - we're real nice but a little slow sometimes.

- I try to explain the hype attached THE BLIND SIDE while Sampson tweets with Alex Keen (probably because there's nothing else to do in Delaware) and Moreno pretends to be interested. I also watched THE BOX. They care even less about that one even though Sampson and I giggle about the 'Community' connection.

- Hit my Movie Fan Central page and caption this picture for a chance to get your hands on either a DVD copy or a Blu-ray copy (your choice) of DISTRICT 9. YOU MUST LISTEN TO THE PODCAST TO FIND OUT IF YOU WIN. Moreno and I will pick the funniest caption this Friday at midnight (EST) and have a prawn sneeze all over it before mailing it to you. North American residents only please.

- Release Dates shows that we've cooled down when it comes to THE HANGOVER, proves we still love INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS and don't understand why JoBlo doesn't feel the same way, shows why we (I) don't like SPACEBALLS anymore, and helps us realize Sampson hates the Yankees and their obnoxious fans. Jersey represent, yo!

- Other random shit: Moreno explains streaming Net Flix to me. Sampson relives the Chris Daughtry / Comic Con story. More hints as to our end of the year prize. Drinking.

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