JoBlo Podcast: Alice Eve & James McTeigue talk The Raven! Cabin in the Woods! Hunger Games!

Alice Eve & James McTeigue!

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JimmyO sits down with the amazing Alice Eve and director, James McTeigue, to talk about THE RAVEN. Then Jimmy gives us a mini-review of the film and leaves us wanting more, as always. From there Moreno and Law review THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, THE HUNGER GAMES, and UP FOR GRABS. During the newly named "Literally Literary", Law covers the entire 'Strain' trilogy, revisits 'The Great Gatsby' and previews a look at 'Ready Player One' which he'll review in full next week. It's the first show ever recorded in front of a live audience. All that means is there's one more drunk guy in the room.

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The stunning Alice Eve tells us about The Raven!

And then director, James McTeigue tells us even more!

Bask in the brilliance of The Cabin in the Woods!

One of us finally sees The Hunger Games. The wrong one.

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