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JoBlo Podcast: Horrible Bosses, Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Real Steel!


Horrible Bosses isn't horrible. Or is it? Dun dun dunnn..

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I finally check out HORRIBLE BOSSES and am pleasantly surprised by Jennifer Aniston's dirty talk. Moreno re-visits THE END and falls in love all over again. THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER SOLD interests me and bores me at the some time. We name what films we'd like to see come to our local IMAX theaters, receive a couple new fan sounders which make us lose our shite, and look ahead to REAL STEEL (including a listener review) and other films that don't interest us.

We've opened up our phone lines to you, the listener, so we can hear all your questions, rants, thoughts, or outright insults for us on The JoBlo Movie Podcast. Give us a call at (347)408-0460 and leave us a voicemail that might end up being answered on the show by Moreno and me.

Horrible Bosses is mostly a good movie.

The most punchable face ever filmed?.

The films we want to come back to IMAX.

Listener review of Real Steel!

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