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Sampson Previews 2010

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Mike Sampson can't keep himself away from The JoBlo Movie Podcast. He crashes our party once again to school us in the ways of upcoming film for the new year and defend his top ten most anticipated. Many arguments ensue - TOY STORY 3 gets shit on, SCOTT PILGRIM gets blown, and Johnny Moreno gets confused. Many thanks to Ocelot_Snake for our new title pic. Also:

- We can make fun of Mike Sampson all we want (and we do often) but the dude knows his shit when it comes to film. He informs us on some movies that we knew nothing about, tells me why I'm wrong about Seth Rogen, calls out THE A-TEAM producers for fucking up the trailer, brags about set visits and secret shit he can't talk about on air, and barely sniffs. It might be his finest two hours.

- My obsession for James Franco and 'General Hospital' grows out of control as I update Moreno with the riveting cliff-hanger I was left with Friday afternoon. Franco is so diabolically evil he gets his own close-up monologue to tell us about it and it's more than embarrassing. I love it. See him below in character. Evil.

- Release Dates allows us to bring up MR. NANNY. Sampson calls out Moreno for disliking THE HURT LOCKER after their first viewing. Moreno's favorite movie of the year  is coming to your home. Why I couldn't get into INTO THE LOOP. And finally, a little film called COCKHAMMER and why it sounds awesome.... if you like giant cock.

- We stray from our release discussion to try and name the 10 films that will be nominated for Best Picture this year. We fail, hard. I think we come up with 6 and then talk ourselves out of every other movie that gets mentioned. Consider us dumbfounded when it comes to the Academy's approach to this shit.

- We also announce the winner of the Stealth Iron Man Bust. Come listen if you think it might be you. But don't get mad at us when it's not. We blame Mike Sampson. Speaking of free shit...

- Visit my Movie Fan Central page and caption this picture and you could get your hands on a DVD or Blu-ray copy (your choice) of MOON. Contest ends at midnight, Friday, January 15th. North American residents only please.

Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and tell us what else will be nominated for Best Picture. You can also subscribe to the show for free using the links below and/or listen to us via our fancy new streaming thingy at the top of the article.


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