JoBlo Show update

Last week's premiere episode of THE JOBLO MOVIE SHOW was a resounding success, at least if we rely on all of the positive feedback we received from everyone, so a big-ass THANK YOU to all for that! We're already gearing up next week's episode (Friday, September 19th), but for now, a couple of updates about the show, and opportunities for your involvement.

1) The show now has its own "channel" on YOUTUBE, which you can access RIGHT HERE! Feel free to subscribe to it, as we will be updating it every second Friday as well. Tell you friends!

2) Thanks to many of your suggestions, we've also made the show available on iTunes, which you can access RIGHT HERE! (it will be searchable on the iTunes store in 1-2 days) Again, feel free to subscribe to it, as it will be getting updated as the show does. Tell some of your Apple friends! (and Oranges as well)

3) Finally, if interested in participating in the show, you can send either the Arrow or myself a VIDEO QUESTION or EMAIL QUESTION at [email protected] (although try and be creative, have fun with it, etc....) or if you and your friends created something 1) short 2) cool 3) funny and 4) movie-related (parodies, spoofs, etc...), drop Johnny Moreno or myself an email and we'll take a look at it.

Until next week's episode, smoke 'em if you've got 'em!

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