JoBlo talks Oscars!!

Note: For anyone who gives a rat's ass, I'll be giving my Oscar picks on WQLZ on Friday morning between 9-9:30am (EST). You can listen to the streaming broadcast at www.wqlz.com.

For those of you who missed my radio appearance the other night, CLICK HERE to download the Podcast of the 45-minute discussion (~ 14MB) which ranges from how JoBlo.com got started, to my "meeting with Salma Hayek" (yeah, I have to keep talking about it, so that I never forget that it happened!!), to the studios' relationship with the site, my thoughts on Richard Kelly's SOUTHLAND TALES and this year's upcoming movies, but most importantly, the Oscars and my rinky-dink opinions on who I think WILL win, and who I would love to SEE win. By the way, my interview starts around the 15-minute mark, just so you know. Of course, you realize that we also have our Oscar Prediction Contest happening this week, which you can enter HERE! Finally, thanks to both Dan and Jessica for inviting me on their show and for their great hospitality (and by hospitality, I mean that they let me swear, which was awesome-- my mother is so proud).

Source: Radio Dan



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