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JoBlo Trailers #3


Todayís theme is "movies you may have missed, but should go back and watch". Looking back, there are always some good movies that go unnoticed because studios donít think theyíre worth marketing, but donít let that stop you from checking them out.

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A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT: After AMELIE, I vowed to watch anything Audrey Tautou starred in and this was the next one of hers I saw. It is a complete 180 from AMELIE, but it is a beautiful and powerful film that will not disappoint.

LAST SHOT: Movies about movies arenít usually successful, but I enjoyed this one because I could see this happening to anyone. You finally get your big break and it turns out it wasnít what you thought it was. Sounds like a cheerleader I once dated.

UNITED STATES OF LELAND: Something about Gosling rubs me the wrong way, but the man can act. This is really the film that proved that. Itís a little deep and dramatic, so I wouldnít recommend it if you have to take Paxil, but itís a good film.

MEAN CREEK: A good friend of mine canít watch films where kids are mean to other kids. Well you know what? Sometimes kids are mean and they deserve what they get. But the event in this movie is not one of those times. This film is a good conversation starter if nothing else.

SUPERSIZE ME: Okay, you probably already saw this one, but if you havenít, I highly recommend it. Spurlock is a cool dude and this will make you think twice before downing that next Big Mac. Oh, and true story; I havenít eaten fast food since September of 2003. Iím not saying itís because of thisÖ



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