JoBlo X-Mas Show!

Merry Christmas, everyone! If you haven't checked out our X-MAS themed show yet, check out it today!

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Our themed shows continue with this week's CHRISTMAS EPISODE, which for a change, is being launched on Monday this time around. I know it's a little early for X-Mas, but this episode will be our last before the year-end show on December 29th, so we figured, why not?! We hope you all enjoy our latest effort and as per usual, we ask that you PLEASE SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS so that we can get the word out about our little low-budget production. This week's show features...

  • JimmyO reviews a couple of Oscar-buzzed flicks in THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON as well as FROST/NIXON

  • JoBlo lists a few of his favorite movies featuring snow...yeah, that's right...featuring snow! Just go with it.

  • Matt Withers and his FIVE SPOT count down the holiday's 5 BIGGEST CHRISTMAS ASSHOLES

  • Jason Adams lists DVDs that are either NAUGHTY or NICE this season, along with his usual awful movie clip featuring SANTA'S SLAY


  • The Arrow recommends a film that he likes to watch every Christmas. Is it GREMLINS, DEBBIE DOES DALLAS or THE SHINING? Find out inside!

  • Jenny hangs out at the Rockefeller Center in New York City and provides us with the most Christmas-y looking segment, along with some talk-backs with New Yawkers in the street

  • Mike Sampson watches Christmas porn or A CHRISTMAS STORY and discusses the possibility of a remake

  • The show also features Moreno sledding in Chicago, fantasizing about that hot chick from CHRISTMAS VACATION (actually, the whole show references that film a' plenty) and playing GRAND THEFT AUTO. We also have little known facts and more!



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