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Movies rock my world. I love watching them, discussing them and letting them linger afterwards. As much of a passion movies are for me, I feel the same about music. One of my favorite bands happens to be The Used. From the their very first record, to their latest, “Live and Acoustic at The Palace,” they create a sound that can be intensely fierce as well as emotionally charged and haunting. I had the pleasure of seeing this fine group of musicians play acoustic a few months back at Amoeba Records in Hollywood, and now, I’m really thrilled to share a little something special. Something that is fairly unique to

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Recently, we sat down backstage with bassist Jeph Howard before they played to a sold out crowd at The Novo at L.A. LIVE. Yet we didn’t talk music. We talked movies. Jeph is a massive film fan, and he had a ton to offer when it came to what he watches. Whether on the tour bus, or what is currently playing, we covered Marvel, DC, horror, sci-fi and Stephen King. His knowledge of all things film is pretty impressive, and it was fascinating to sit down and chat about something outside of what the band usually discusses.

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After the interview, my cameraman Ryan Cultrera and I had the chance to see Jeph tear it up on stage. It was an incredible show, and it was awesome to help celebrate 15 years of great tunes from this fantastic band. If you’d like to check them out - highly recommended - they are currently touring in honor of their 15 year anniversary, and it is a fantastic show. And if you happen to be in Canada, you can catch The Used opening for Blink-182. We’d like to thank The Used, and especially Jeph for taking the time to talk and setting us up for an amazing show. Make sure you catch these guys in concert, and pick up their latest, “Live & Acoustic at The Palace” if you haven’t already.




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