JoBlo's Geek Chicks Podcast: Summer is like, hot or something

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It's a three-day weekend and we'd like to thank Abraham Lincoln for fending off Orcs in the battle of Minas Tirtih so that we don't have to work on Monday. USA! USA!

Instead of talking about TRANSFORMERS:DARK OF THE MOON, we talk about the 1980s cartoon. Seeing as that's the only opening film before this weekend, we continue to talk about the 1980s and how that trollop Miss Suzie never really took care of her tugboat. We apathetically answer fan questions regarding sammiches, comics and if Captain America will burninate foreign peasants.

Thankfully the wiener talk is at a minimum today, so go ahead and have your lunch. Leave room for the gluttonous intake of barbecued meats and cheeses you will undoubtedly ingest unwisely before drinking 10 margaritas and then skinny dipping in your community pool. Get your sunburn on, its time for GEEK CHICKS.

Seriously Starscream, stfu already.

Don't...don't do this.

The reason for the season.

We would be really happy to receive any comments, questions, or internet memes. If that sounds like it tickles your fancy, send an email to [email protected].

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