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JoBlo.com's most anticipated movie for 2010 (Part 2/2)


Just cause it's 2010 doesn't mean the lists are over! I know you might be listed out at this point but we've got one last one to share: my look ahead into 2010 to see what movies I'm most looking forward to. Unlike the Best Films of the 2000s, this isn't a list that a bunch of people voted on - this is just me and my peculiar tastes (which might explain a lot of the choices on here). Yesterday was #s 20-11 and today we've got the Top 10! There might even be some surprises at the top of the list... Check out the list below and make sure to share the movies you're most looking forward to in the comments!

(November 5)

Just the thought of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp pairing up to do a 3D version of ALICE IN WONDERLAND had me excited but then you add on two amazing trailers that we've seen so far and I'm about ready to slap on some concrete shoes and throw myself down the rabbit hole.

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(June 18)

I'll be honest - I'm a little bummed that this year's Pixar movie isn't an original film. With RATATOUILLE, WALL-E and UP, they were on such an amazing run, I was curious to see what they'd cook up next. But instead of an original film we'll get the third movie in the TOY STORY franchise. While another animated sequel could go the way of THE LAND BEFORE TIME 3, with Pixar I'm sure it'll still be one of the best films of the year.

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(August 20)

I'm not really sure that THE EXPENDABLES will be a "good" movie in the way that, you know, PRECIOUS is a good movie but that doesn't mean I won't enjoy it any less. With a ghetto fabulous cast that includes Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts and Randy Couture, director Sylvester Stallone has crafted the B-movie to end all B-movies. What's it about? I dunno but I'm pretty sure people are going to be shot, stabbed, punched, kicked and blown up (or any combination of the above).

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(August 20)

Being an ANCHORMAN devotee, I couldn't help but be excited to see that Paul Rudd and Steve Carell are reteaming for DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS. Joining them for their adventure is Zach Galifianakis and director Jay Roach who made one of the most underappreciated comedies in MEET THE PARENTS. I've seen next to nothing on this movie but sometimes you just get a hunch. And this hunch is that SCHMUCKS will be the big comedy of the 2010 summer season.

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(March 26)

While I wasn't a fan of the hard rock soundtrack used in either of the CLASH OF THE TITANS trailers (or that silly "Titans Will Clash" tagline), I realize that's not what we'll be hearing in the movie. What we'll actually be seeing in the movie, I was completely down with. The throwback visuals (expensive CGI made with a little Harryhausen-esque spin) and an appearance by the monstrously sized Kraken sold me.

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(April 16)

Very rarely has a movie gotten me juiced up on so little. I missed out on the Comic-Con footage so I haven't seen that and otherwise it's just been one mediocre trailer, a few posters and one bitchin' red-band Hit Girl trailer. Oh yeah and the insanely positive word of mouth/geek boners out of Harry Knowles' BNAT festival. I remember asking out loud how Lionsgate would manage the hype before it stumbled into backlash and being told by more than one person, there is NO way to overhype this movie. Whoa.

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(December 17)

You wouldn't think a movie directed by a first-time filmmaker that's a sequel of a movie that came out almost 30 years ago would make it this high on my list. Yet here we are. While some movies use 3D as a gimmick, TRON is one movie that was born for the format. Everything I've seen from this flick has made me want to dress up like this guy and frolic around on my own personal lightcycle.

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As a fan of Bryan O'Malley's epic comic series, I'd be excited for SCOTT PILGRIM no matter what was going on. But director Edgar Wright seems to have created a film that is blowing the minds of all who lay eyes upon it. Not since the early days of AVATAR have we heard such glowing praise. Jason Reitman called it a "gamechanger" and compared it to THE MATRIX. Greg Mottola called it "insanely good." All this, plus a sneaky little marketing campaign where less is more, leads me to give SCOTT PILGRIM such high praise without having even seen it.

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(May 7)

What? How can IRON MAN 2 not be #1, you ask? Well I'll get into that in my writeup for the #1 film but let's not be mistaken about this: IRON MAN 2 looks fucking awesome. Like very good superhero sequel should, it takes what worked in the first film and jacks it up 100%. I just can't wait to see Iron Man and War Machine blasting away on the big screen. Still not entirely sold on Whiplash or Black Widow but I'm willing to give Jon Favreau and his crew the benefit of the doubt.

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(July 16)

So how did INCEPTION, an original, non-sequel movie, leapfrog IRON MAN 2 to take the top spot? I don't know. Let me clarify - it's what I don't know about INCEPTION that makes it so exciting. I have NO IDEA what to expect when I step into theaters this July. While lots are theorizing on the plot of this mysterious movie, I'm choosing to just roll with it. In this day and age we know so much about every movie before it even opens and I love that director Christopher Nolan has the cloat to bring us a movie we know nothing about. Bring it on, whatever it is.

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