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It's that special time of week when we all pretend like we give a shit. This episode of GEEK CHICKS comes complete with Gatorade nostalgia, yelling and face-hugger jokes, free of charge. The girls do nothing to persuade you to see GREEN LANTERN, though to be honest, you are a damned adult and need to make your own life choices. THE ART OF GETTING BY gives way to some Freddie Highmore fluff and we discuss what we like to call "news".

Is Liam Neeson the honey badger of Hollywood? No. We're actually pretty sure Sean Bean is. The show momentarily sidetracks into SOUTH PARK CHICKS, only to end as JURASSIC PARK CHICKS. The girls require another chromosome to change permanently, we simply deny them that.

Brush up on your chestburster jokes and call in dead, its time for GEEK CHICKS.

We are not impressed. (Wait, this is the guy from WHIP IT, right?)

Some heavy shit is brought up.

Today were gonna make my nana's reeeeeegatonnnniiiii

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