JoBlo's Geek Chicks Podcast: Charmed, I guess.

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Well, we finally gave into our inner vulvas (lolwut) and started talking about Hollywood gossip. Fear not, its pretty seedy and dark gossip. Not like, what some beige vanilla nobody wore to some boring gross awards show. (Nobody will ever come close to the fashion icon that is Cher Horowitz anyway) No, this is ick nast stuff. Make some popcorn.

We talk about Charmed, which, if you've never watched, you should.Except the first season. Talk about a shitshow. We go on some fangirl tangents, so bring a Red Bull.

It's Friday, and its probably raining, so come with us on a magical trip through creepy Hollywood, Halliwell manor and Stephen Fry's loins. Bring your towel.

Paige is clearly farting here.

One of these fierce bitches has an awesome blind item reveal.

Seriously, get out.

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