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JoBlo's Geek Chicks Podcast: Decapitation. Is It Funny?


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Spoiler Alert: we derail pretty hard in this episode. Yeah, that's not much of a spoiler is it? Ok, one of us is a dude.

We talk about 30 SECONDS OR LESS for about that much time, and then we move on to FINAL DESTINATION 5. Wanna know our picks? People are gonna die. Oh, and the real reason we don't watch football? Hint: it has less to do with hard sports-time math and more with nervous school-related diarrhea. What, you didn't have existential meltdowns the night before school resumed after winter break? What are you, some kind of minotaur, devoid of all emotions and empathy? I'm telling.

This happened. You know it. We know it.

Oh look, it's my dad's closet.


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