JoBlo's Geek Chicks Podcast: It's ThanksKilling Day!

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Are you stuffed as hell from all that damn Thanksgiving food? Well take a break and relax your digestive system by listening to the Geek Chicks!

Seriously though, have you guys seen that KFC bowl? It's like a heart attack with a side of obesity. When someone eats it you can actually hear them getting fatter. All food pains aside, we go through what we think are Thanksgiving movies. Why aren't there more of these? Probably because they save all the dysfunctional family shit for Christmas. Reese Witherspoon and Kevin James star in Thanksgiving Derp. We also give you pointers that you could have used yesterday but maybe your family does their celebrating a little late.

We hope you are having a nice holiday and that the turkey didn't come to life to kill your family. That would really suck.

How have we never seen this???

Get it girl.

Uncle Steve cannot handle his shit on Thanksgiving Day.

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