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JoBlo's Geek Chicks Podcast: When Exactly Did DanRad Become Legal?


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Oh yes, the post-holiday funk. Everyone else you know is off from work, gallivanting with their diamond-encrusted iPads and DKNY edition Ravenclaw diadems, and you're the only chump at work. It's ok though, because Jaci is here with Paul from AITH's WTF segment.

We go ahead and assume you want to hear about the epic bromance between Holmes and Watson. That's some JD-and-Turk-level shit, right there.

There's also some pretty intense WWOHP fangirl/boying (fanb'girling?) going on. Paul takes us on a tour of his own memories through the park, so bring your totem. We also talk about the political implications of the new THE DARK KNIGHT RISES trailer and Paul does his Batman impersonation to the point of coughing up blood. Thanks Santa!

This is how I choose to remember Selina. I mean, shes a linebacker in The Long Halloween.

He's smoking, so he's at least 18 here, right?

"It's guyyyy looovee..."

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