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I never thought I'd see the day that 2 "Greg Kinnear movies" would crack my top 10 of any year...wow! Seriously though, I'm not sure why others aren't including THE MATADOR in their 2006 lists, as the film was released wide in January of 2006, but there it is on mine. Unfortunately, due to my crappy health, I wasn't able to see as many movies as I'd have liked this year, but I recently tried to see all of the films that I thought might crack my top 10, except for a few that I still haven't gotten around to like THE PRESTIGE, DREAMGIRLS, APOCALYPTO, etc... (there might be a small upgrade to my list over the next week or two, but not all that much).

Overall, this was yet another weird year in movies in the sense that it was sadly (once again) packed with lots of generic/sequel/remake garbage, but at the same time, also included a number of classics (in my opinion) that should be discussed for years to come (and no, I'm not talking about LITTLE MAN). I apologize for the incompleteness of my list, but for those scoring at home, I thought you might want to see what my thoughts were on the films that I did manage to see in 2006.

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The Break-Up, Idiocracy, Little Children, Nacho Libre, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Running Scared, Talladega Nights


"When I first heard about this sequel being made, I was scared like many of you, but I’m happy to report that this is a solid movie with laughs galore, pop-culture reference galore, vulgarity and sexual connotations galore and even a cute romance for the ladies in the audience. If you’re a fan of Kevin Smith and his previous films, I see no reason why this movie wouldn’t rock your balls off."

I guess I'm a little biased since I've met Kevin Smith once or twice in my lifetime and he was even cool enough to write a foreword to my book, but that aside, this film was one of the funnier ones of the year for me, especially as a 30-something who connected with some of the film's subtext (and yeah, by "subtext" I mean Pillowpants!!!!!). And I'm pretty sure that I can watch the scene featuring Rosario Dawson "dancing" on the rooftop for say...days on end!


"...writer/director Neil Burger has other plans as he has created here, a wonderful cinematic experience filled with lush visuals, eye-catching costumes, authentic locales, a believable and romantic love-story, as well as plenty of magic and suspense for anyone who appreciates that sort of thing."

I didn't get a chance to see THE PRESTIGE yet, but I had a damn decent time watching this gorgeous movie with Norton and Giamatti having a rollick, and the film's plot, always keeping me tuned into its original happenings. I guess the film's only downside is the fact that Jessica Biel doesn't show off her goodies, but then again, I suppose she's "growing" as an actress.


"I love this kind of movie! It’s a breeze to watch, it’s packed with all kinds of cool cinematic goodies including classic lines of dialogue, memorable scenes and fun directing, it features a ton of engaging actors playing entertaining characters, it’s talking about something that isn’t commonplace in movies nowadays, and who would have guessed it…it’s also teaching you stuff as you go along."

One of the year's bigger "surprises" for me, I was expecting a lame flick about how smoking sucks, yadda-yadda, but got instead, an energetic, fun and powerful satire featuring a whole bunch of actors seemingly having a blast, including Mrs. Tom Cruise sexually riding the shit out of the awesome lead, Aaron Eckhart. Pick this one up, you likely won't regret it.


"In the end, I think your enjoyment of this movie will depend on your own tolerance of this sort of stuff, and whether or not you already know and enjoy the character of Borat in the first place. Also, it’s something to watch….on weed!!!"

I saw this puppy in Cannes this summer with Mr. Sasha Baron Cohen in the audience (although I didn't know that at the time) and almost busted my gut cracking up over a number of scenes, particularly one in which two men are wrestling in the nude on a hotel bed, and ultimately get into all sorts of compromising positions. I personally think that Cohen is a modern-day comedic genius and hope to see many more of his creations in the future (whether original or characters in films). Yagshimash!!


"...'fun times' for anyone looking for a quick creative movie-making fix, with Brosnan’s career performance leading the way, plenty of tomfoolery backing it all up and dark comedy, cute touches, moral grapplings and even a little emotional stuff packed in to create one of the best movies of the year so far."

Granted, I don't remember all that much from this film, since I saw it about a year ago (I barely remember what I had for breakfast yesterday-- Pop-Tarts), but I do remember that it was a fun time at the theater, including a marvelous turn by ex-James Bond Pierce Brosnan, as well as a very original story featuring some quirky directing and a great straight-man in Greg Kinnear. I also remember reminding myself to pick it up on DVD, as it's one of those movies that I can see myself watching over and over again. Fun times. "You like cock?"


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