Joe Dante at Bat

Veteran director Joe Dante has an impressive genre filmography, but he's determined to get a few more on there.

The guy who brought us classics both major and minor (PIRANHA, THE HOWLING, GREMLINS, INNERSPACE, MATINEE, THE 'BURBS, EXPLORERS, etc.) has a couple of new projects on his plate. BAT OUT OF HELL (a tentative title, I assume, due to Meat Loaf spoilage) is about "a hijacked red-eye flight that's carrying monstrous cargo." BAT is particularly notable in that it was penned by fellow online writer Drew McWeeny -- better known as Ain't It Cool's "Moriarty" -- along with his collaborator Scott Swan. Score one for the internets!

Dante is also digging into THE HOLE, a supernatural thriller from VACANCY writer Mark Smith. That one's about brothers who find a pit in their basement filled with dread. Better than a backed-up septic tank, probably. Whatever the case, the creature effects on both projects should be kickass.
Extra Tidbit: Dante veered away from frights in recent years (LOONEY TUNES, SMALL SOLDIERS) but kept the knives sharp with some episodes of "Masters of Horror".
Source: Variety



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