Joe Dirt does JoBlo!

Nobody ever said that being a "film critic" was gonna be easy, right? Actually, to this day, I still don't consider myself a "critic" as much as I'm just a fan of movies who enjoys writing his thoughts and beans, as well as running an all-around movie fansite. But I guess something is working since we're still alive and kicking after 5+ years and there's no sign of stopping anytime soon. I write this article because I've recently been quoted in an ongoing TV ad on the "Comedy Central" network in the States (we don't get it here in Canada) and MANY of you have been cool enough to email me about it and to offer your props. Muchos gracias to everyone for their kudos and for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, BubbaStrangelove was nice enough to digitize the short (but quite powerful...hehe) teaser commercial below.

Okay, so the film isn't BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE, FIGHT CLUB, GHOST WORLD, MEMENTO or FRAILTY, but what's that old saying...any publicity is good publicity? What's even more ironic is that I actually didn't even recommend the movie in question: JOE DIRT. Funny, eh? I did, however, say that it included some damn hot girls though and I'm glad to see that they got that right! ;) And just to prove that they were, in fact, hotties...below are some gratuitous pics of the always fine-assed Jaime Pressley (which means "I love Pressley" in French) showing off some of her finer ass-ets...sorry folks, it's late and the humor is weak at this hour. Back to Kilborn...

Click here to download clip

Source: Comedy Central



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