John Cena being eyed for the lead in the True Lies reboot?

If you weren't displeased enough with the news that TRUE LIES was getting a do-over, how about adding a WWE wrestler as the star? And no, not one who's at least somewhat proven himself in the world of film like The Rock. Rather, this is a current "superstar" and one who has mainly led WWE Films productions.

Yes, the jorts-wearing John Cena is reportedly being considered for the lead in TRUE LIES REDUX or whatever they're calling it. The source spoke to What's Playing, and they maintain that their scoops usually pan out.

However, keep in mind that this isn't saying he's cast, just that they're looking at him, and negative fan reaction about the news, like I predict I'm about to start seeing in the comments in a minute here, might change their mind. But on the flipside, there are an ass ton of WWE fans out there, and therefore there could be fan outcry on both sides of this scenario, with some wanting a breakout role like this for Cena.

I can't say I've seen THE MARINE or 12 ROUNDS, but I didn't hear anything terribly good about either. I did find Cena charming on an episode of Psych however.

What do you make of this rumor?

Extra Tidbit: We do need more muscle-bound action heroes to rival Stallone and Schwarzenegger from yesteryear, but does Cena have the personality?
Source: What's Playing



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