John Hillcoat directing half hour Red Dead Redemption trailer

This seems like a rather odd bit of news, but if it combines two things I like, however strange the pairing may seem, I’m all for it.

John Hillcoat is set to direct what is essentially a half hour long trailer for Red Dead Redemption, the new open world Western video game from Rockstar.The special will be animated and air on Fox at midnight on Saturday, May 15th, a time slot that's SURE to get a huge audience.

Hillcoat recently wowed most with THE ROAD, and I’m curious to see how he directs a half hour animated special, as it just seems like an incredibly random pairing. But Hillcoat is talented, and Red Dead looks like it’s going to be a pretty excellent game, so hopefully the two can produce something worth watching.

Check out the trailer for Red Dead Redemption below. It comes out May 18th, it’ll most likely be the first game I’ve bought in months.

Update: The actual trailer, whoops:

Extra Tidbit: I'm playing Just Cause 2 right now. This game is way, WAY too big.



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