John Krasinski makes a movie that isn't Captain America

After all the furor (and intermittent delight) around the rumor that he would wield the shield of CAPTAIN AMERICA, "The Office" star John Krasinski is instead veering toward the sort of material that might be more expected and appropriate.

Krasinski is set to star with "Big Love" wife #3 Ginnifer Goodwin in a romantic comedy called SOMETHING BORROWED. Based on a series of novels by Emily Giffin, the story revolves around "a Manhattan attorney (Goodwin), the consummate good girl, who falls in love with her best friend's fiance on her 30th birthday."

Krasinski was reportedly roped into a two-picture deal for this staggeringly original premise, which would would find him playing the supportive friend in the first movie and evolving into the male lead for the second. This could clearly make him too busy for a nine-picture deal to wear the red-white-and-blue costume of Cap.

Extra Tidbit: Okay... is there a superhero role that WOULD suit Krasinski? I could seem him as... Plastic Man.
Source: THR



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