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John Lasseter returning to get Cars 2 back on track by co-directing

John Lasseter returning to get Cars 2 back on track by co-directing

Pixar fans will undoubtedly know John Lasseter, the man who directed the first two TOY STORY adventures and A BUG’S LIFE. But when he left to be Chief Creative Officer at Disney, his involvement with Pixar lessened considerably. But what’s brought him back?

Well, CARS 2 apparently has a few “story issues” that first-time director Brad Lewis can’t quite sort out. Reportedly, this kind of thing is quite common on Pixar projects, but as has been proven, it always works out in the end, and this really shouldn’t be cause for concern.

What we know so far about the story of CARS 2 is that there’s some sort of secret agent car named Finn McMissile who will be integral to the plot (if you looked closely, you could see a poster of him in Andy’s room during TOY STORY 3).

I trust that Lasseter will be able to work things out, but I do have to say, I wish Pixar was doing another original project rather than a CARS sequel. Out of every Pixar movie I’ve seen, that’s without a doubt my least favorite, as I thought the pace was crawling for a movie about race cars (the titular character spent 70% of the movie chained to a giant sludge machine), and hopefully they would correct that for the sequel.

Extra Tidbit: It's one of the only Pixar movies that entertained kids, but didn't really work on an adult level.
Source: Jim Hill



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