John Malkovich confirms the Vulture, explains why it might have fallen through

Remember that one time John Malkovich was supposedly playing the Vulture in SPIDER-MAN 4?

Well, he's finally confirmed it and he's a bit sad about it as well. When visiting Malkovich on set last week, he talked at first about being disappointed it didn't go through, "Yes [I was disappointed] but I mean, because I like Sam, and I like Tobey, and all that stuff and the producers, one of whom I had met before because I had been offered the first one [film]. And one of which I came to know, I like them all, yeah sure why not, but it didn't play out." The role of Green Goblin was originally his before Dafoe stepped in.

He continued speaking about reasons it might have fallen apart, "Yeah, I think a lot of the people who sort of follow that genre-- I'm not sure I never really spoke with Sam about this, but I'm not sure-- maybe either the kind of fanbase, the fanboys, the base of that perhaps didn't approve of that character as an adversary to some extent, or maybe the studio, or maybe that was totally unrelated to why that fell apart."

Some fans were excited about the possibility of Malkovich playing the vulture, and he had heard some rumblings, "I heard various things about it, but yeah it was a drag because I like sam, and he's offered me a couple of things and it hasn't worked out." The guy did seem genuinely disappointed. I think he wanted to explore the character and be a part of the franchise, but as he said, it just didn't work out.

Oh, to wonder what could have been.

Extra Tidbit: Believe it or not, Malkovich actually has his own clothing line.
Source: JoBlo.com



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