John McClane to work 24/7 in new Die Hard?

Despite LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD being anything but a DIE HARD film, Bruce Willis and Fox are still moving ahead on a fifth film in the series. I'd think that, like INDIANA JONES 4, it would be enough to prove to all parties that the franchise is done and we should just be enjoying the previous films on DVD but this is Hollywood and they're not ready to give up on the goose that laid the golden egg just yet.

Ain't It Cool is reporting that the current version of DIE HARD being written by Skip Woods (GI JOE) is titled DIE HARD 24/7. Not much else is known about the film though it was said at the time of Woods' hiring that this movie would take John McClane to a much grander scale than any of the original films, which to me sounds like exactly the opposite of what would make a successful DIE HARD film. McClane, as much as Fox would like him to be, is not Jack Bauer. He's done best in tight, almost claustrophobic surroundings. He's not meant to go out and arrest Osama Bin Laden or whatever grand scale they're thinking of placing him on.

I'm surprised Willis doesn't have a better handle on his character as McClane is pretty much what made him as an action superstar. Or perhaps he knows exactly who McClane is but he just doesn't care much. After all, this is the same guy who told MTV "There is no John McClane."

So with a title like DIE HARD 24/7, where do you think the next film could be going? And where do you think it should be going?

Extra Tidbit: This would be the first DIE HARD film since Part 2 that wasn't based on a previously existing script.



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