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John McTiernan is preparing to direct the film Warbirds with John Travolta


Since leaving prison, we have heard that director John McTiernan may helm the movie RED SQUAD but not much else has been heard. In a strange way of hearing news, McTiernan's recent appearance in a Wyoming bankruptcy court may have revealed what other films he may be involved with first.

During an attempt to adjust some financial verdicts against him, McTiernan was asked about his upcoming work which includes three scripts he has apparently sold, potential work on RED SQUAD, and news that he is set to direct the film WARBIRDS for Hannibal Pictures. The movie has signed John Travolta to the lead with offers apparently out to Queen Latifah and Johnny Knoxville for supporting parts. McTiernan says that he is still negotiating a salary but has been offered $1 million for the gig.

When asked about the likelihood that WARBIRDS will get made, McTiernan says he has been taking two hour meetings about the film and that they are already looking at CGI firms to handle the special effects since "it's sort of the dog-fighting movie of all time they couldn't make when they had the real airplanes because it's too damn dangerous."

McTiernan and Travolta worked together previously on the military thriller BASIC so this would serve a reunion of sorts for them. Both are looking to revitalize their stalled careers and this may be a good way to get going again. The director also mentioned a film he is being asked to rewrite and possibly direct in January that the producers want Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in buy McTiernan says he is against Arnold in the role and is trying to convince them to not cast him.

While McTiernan is certainly down from his studio directing gigs from a decade ago, it is great to see that he is getting back into the mix. Hopefully WARBIRDS turns out to be halfway decent and we can get him back on a major film again in the near future.



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