John Turturro wants to direct The Big Lebowski spinoff about Jesus next year

Dios mio, man! I know John Turturro has said he'd love to play Jesus Quintana from THE BIG LEBOWSKI again in another movie, but I guess I didn't realize just how interested he is in reprising the character, and how close we might be from it actually happening.

Last year when asked about a possible spinoff featuring The Jesus, Ethan Coen said, "John Turturro, who wants it, talks to us incessantly about doing a sequel about his (bowler) character Jesus. He even has the story worked out, which he’s pitched to us a few times, but I can’t really remember it... No, I don’t see it in our future." However, while at the Taormina Film Festival, Turturro told the audience he wants to direct the spinoff next year, if he gets permission from the Coen Brothers.

If I can get the permission I need, I'd like to return to that role.

While I'm not sure if Jesus is capable of carrying a movie on his own, I would still be interested in checking it out. Of course John Turturro has to get permission first, but what are your thoughts on him possibly directing a Jesus-centric THE BIG LEBOWSKI spinoff?

Source: THR



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