John Woo's Caliber

Hong Kong mayhem master John Woo's Western influences have been apparent in many of his movies, and now it sounds like he's heading back to the Old West with a six-shooter in one hand and a comic in the other.

Woo has picked up the new Radical Comics title CALIBER, a supernatural retelling of the King Arthur legend set in the post-Civil War past. Woo plans to direct and produce, along with Johnny Depp's company Nihil Infinitum.

I suppose we shouldn't get too excited just yet -- since dipping into the Hollywood pond, Woo developed a tendency to get involved with multiple projects (SPY HUNTER, a ninja movie, METROID, a railroad Western, a PAPILLION remake, etc.) while taking a loooooong time to finish whatever he was working on. He's still finishing up the second part of his historical war epic THE RED CLIFF (the first half was already released in Asia to big bucks), and is then doing a period romance called 1949.
Extra Tidbit: The King Arthur legend was also the basis for the comic series MAGE, which was once in development as a feature as well.
Source: Variety



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