Johnny Cash biopic on the way

Director James Mangold, who incidentally directed one of the films on my all-time top ten worst movies list (GIRL, INTERRUPTED), has set his sights on his next project - a biopic of legendary country singer Johnny Cash.  While I'd be excited as the next guy to see a flick based on Cash (if you've never heard his music cause it's "country" you're missing out.  I hate country music as much as the next guy, but Cash's stuff is in a league of its own.  Just listen to "Ring of Fire," "Boy Named Sue," and "Folsom Prison Blues"), but I worry that Mangold can't handle it.

COP LAND should've been a great film (when are you going to get a cast like that again?...) but it was surprisingly bad.  GI was awful, awful, awful.  I haven't seen KATE AND LEOPOLD yet but I hear it's nothing new - good but your standard romantic-comedy fare. I did enjoy his first film, HEAVY, but we haven't gotten back there since.  In any event, Mangold is in the casting stage now and is having considerable difficulty finding someone who can portray the Man in Black from the age of 20 to 38 convincingly.

Source: Variety
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