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Johnny Depp-Edgar Wright collaboration The Night Stalker discovers its writer


Main screen for The Night Stalker

THE NIGHT STALKER is Johnny Depp's next go at adapting an old television series (it ran from '74-'75), a project on which he'll hopefully be joined by director Edgar Wright after he finishes shooting THE WORLD'S END. Falling right in Depp's wheelhouse, "the series centered on Carl Kolchak, a reporter for the Chicago-based Independent News Service Stories, who investigated bizarre crimes committed by supernatural agents."

I think there's a good chance that working with Wright will help Depp to bring us something truly special once again, and the involvement of scribe D.V. DeVincentis (HIGH FIDELITY, GROSSE POINTE BLANK) can only help in that regard as he's a writer who knows well how to juggle action, character, and comedy. 

You know who can stalk me at night anytime? Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who worked with Wright on SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead on her side

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