Johnny Depp finally gets in the saddle for The Lone Ranger with Pirates director Gore Verbinski?

Ever since it was announced a couple of years ago, it doesn't seem like the Johnny Depp LONE RANGER movie ever went faster than a trot or a canter.

That could soon be spurred into a full-blown gallop, as Deadline is claiming that Depp will reunite with his PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN director Gore Verbinski on the Bruckheimer-produced update of the classic Old West hero.

Depp and Verbinski also teamed on the director's trippy animated project RANGO, but neither has a commitment currently on their plate.

There's not much new info being offered on RANGER, other than restating that Depp (who is also still developing DARK SHADOWS with Tim Burton) will actually play Indian sidekick Tonto rather than the masked man himself. Which means that another star is still required. Hi-yo, Silver!

Extra Tidbit: I love Depp and all, but that's what we're getting from Verbinski before a BIOSHOCK movie? Tragic.
Source: Deadline



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