Johnny English Reborn still happening, gets a few cast members

This isn't something I really expected.

Somehow I missed the news last month that JOHNNY ENGLISH was getting a sequel. I don't remember it being too popular here, but apparently overseas it did great.

Well looks like the film has added a few cast members to the sequel, JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN. Unfortunately there is no return yet of the incredibly sexy Natalie Imbruglia. Instead you get Gillian Anderson, Dominic West, Rosamund Pike, and newbie Daniel Kaluuya. Anderson and Pike for Imbruglia? That seems like a fair trade.

Unfortunately I did not see JOHNNY ENGLISH. I do however love Rowan Atkinson. A lot of this love due to MR. BEAN and the fact that he did the voice for Zazu in THE LION KING.

THR gave a short synopsis for the sequel: "Atkinson returns as Johnny English and finds himself embroiled in trying to stop a plot by a group of international assassins hunting down the Chinese premier." The film is being helmed by Oliver Parker (DORIAN GRAY, OTHELLO) with a script from Hamish McColl and William Davies. It will shoot for 13 weeks in the UK and Hong Kong.

Rosamund Pike
Extra Tidbit: You remember Natalie Imbruglia, don't you? She did this song.
Source: THR



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