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Ghost Rider pic Director Mark Steven Johnson recently stopped by the Superhero Hype messageboards and answered a ton of questions about the upcoming GHOST RIDER. There's a ton of cool info in there so it's definitely worth checking it out. Below you'll find a snippet of what he said. Head on over HERE for the full transcript. It's currently set for release August 4th, 2006.

There was a report a few months ago by someone who saw concept drawings for Blackheart stating the character looked like a "nosferatu type creature". Is this description true?

Blackheart is shown in what I consider his "Human form" for much of the movie. But along the way we get hints of what lies underneath. By the climax we see his true self -- and it's horrifying. There will be some of the classic comic look along with other horrific elements to his look.

There have been a few long time fans of GR who were upset over the fact that the character would use a "Hellfire Shotgun" instead of shooting flames from the hands like in the original 70's comic. Is it possible that the shotgun is a rare occurrence and GR would instead use the chain and Penance Stare for most of the movie? Why did you feel it was necessary for GR to use a shotgun instead of shooting Hellfire from his hands?

The Shotgun only appears later in the film. For most of the movie GR uses the chain and the Penance Stare. And he throws fire as well!!

Avi Arad called the line up for the soundtrack "Southern rock". However, many of us can't picture Ghost Rider pummeling demons to the tune of Lynard Skynard. I think it’s safe to say fans have always associated GR with hard rock/metal. To give us an idea where this soundtrack is going could you give us some bands you were interested in getting for the album?

The more I work on the film, the more it feels like score rather than songs. I made the mistake of too many songs in DD, and although it made for a great album, I think it hurt the movie. When I mention Southern Rock, I don't mean classic rock, I mean what would today's version of that style of music be like? I don't want this to be another generic hard rock soundtrack movie. GR deserves better than that. Southern Rock was an idea that came out of the Western feel of the movie. That all being said, the only songs I'm cutting to so far in the temp mix are ACDC and ZZ Top!

Could you elaborate on the personality of the Ghost Rider for the film? Will he be based on the 90's version or will he be based on the evil (and much cooler ) Zarathos from the classic 70's series.

The Ghost Rider is one mean sonofa*****. Nic and I really wanted to play it as a Jekyll & Hyde kind of relationship. Johnny is actually a really honest, decent, simple man. Albeit, one who made a really rotten deal as a kid. But the Ghost Rider doesn't give a damn about anybody. All he cares about is hunting. In our movie, the presence of evil sets the Ghost Rider off. And in one scene Johnny is thrown into a holding cell with a bunch of inmates. He begs the guards not to put him in there. The guards think that Johnny is afraid of what the inmates will do to him. But, in truth, Johnny's afraid of what the Ghost Rider will do to them. The Ghost Rider, of course, is delighted with the whole scenario and can't wait to come out and 'play.'

Do you plan on breaking the 2 hour mark?

It's a little over that now in the cut. I think so...

Is the release date set in stone?

Nope. Sometime in Summer 2006. Which month is up for grabs.

Again, the RIDER goodness can be found over HERE.

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