Johnston does Wolf

Breathe a sigh of relief monster fans: Brett Ratner will NOT be directing THE WOLF MAN. Universal has hired Joe Johnston (HIDALGO, JURASSIC PARK III) to step in for Mark Romanek who abruptly left the production last week. Johnston and Ratner were among the many names rumored to be in the running (other names included Frank Darabont, Breck Eisner and Bill Condon). By quickly moving to secure a replacement director, Universal was able to keep its trio of stars - Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt - from jumping ship and putting the project in further jeopardy. WOLF is set to cost about $85 million, rumored to be a sticking point for Romanek who allegedly felt he needed more money to properly bring his vision to the screen. Universal balked at the cash and "creative differences" reared their ugly heads. Filming is still set to begin next month in London. And Brett Ratner won't be anywhere near the set. Whew.

Extra Tidbit: Johnston starred as a Death Star Trooper in STAR WARS.
Source: Variety



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