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Joker gets a trim?

UPDATE: Moviehole has refuted the below rumor, thanks to some trusted inside sources of their own. So I guess Ledger's performance will remain as intended. Read what they have to say on the subject RIGHT HERE.

I was unsure about proliferating this rumor, but a good percentage of the readership out there seems positively voracious when it comes to all scraps of info regarding THE DARK KNIGHT. If you consider yourself among that zealous population of Batfans, you're probably not gonna like this...

Cinematical says that secret screenings of Chris Nolan's second Gotham visit are taking place, and viewers are reportedly uncomfortable with a couple of ghastly scenes involving the Joker, due to the untimely death of star Heath Ledger. Well, the studio execs are apparently uncomfortable with the audiences' discomfort, and thus are thinking about ordering the offending scenes chopped from the final film.

While I can understand a level of sensitivity regarding the tragic loss of the actor, the "too soon" knee-jerk seems a tad excessive, if not a superficial show of respect. But then, none of us have seen the supposed squirm-inducing section to determine if it "takes you out of the movie." Besides, let's face it -- regardless of whether or not the purportedly morbid scene(s) remains intact, the movie is a guaranteed blockbuster. At least you know it'll end up on the DVD...
Extra Tidbit: Even more grim: a while back, leaked set photos went around from Terry Gilliam's DR. PARNASSUS depicting Ledger hanging from a noose. Wonder if that scene will make that movie's final cut...



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