Joker madness!

Update: The final picture of Heath Ledger of the Joker has been revealed at Batman-on-film. If you want to check it out for yourself, do so HERE, but if you want it revealed from the website mentioned below, it might be more fun that way.

So I just found out a few days ago that apparently the villain in the THE DARK KNIGHT is going to be the Joker, and that he’s going to be played by Heath Ledger, of all people. Go figure. Now the ending of BATMAN BEGINS, when Gordon shows Bats the joker card, all makes sense! At the time I was all ‘a joker card? Could you be any more obtuse?’

It looks like Warner Bros. wants the rest of the world to know who Batman will be doing battle with next as well, but they’re doing it in the subtlest of ways. Superherohype.com were the lucky recipients of a scoop regarding hidden joker cards in a comic books store somewhere in SoCal. As you can see from the pic BELOW, the cards are defaced by ‘haha’ and the slogan ‘I believe in Harvey Dent too.’ The scribblings were not hand-written, but appeared instead to be stamped with them, leading us to believe that this can only be a guerilla marketing campaign from Warner Bros., and a bloody creepy one at that.

And just in case you’re wondering the meaning behind the 'I believe in Harvey Dent too’ slogan, here’s the lowdown: a few days ago, WB launched a mock-up site for Harvey Dent’s DA campaign, with ‘I believe in Dent’ as its slogan. But now it appears that a certain white-faced, red-lipped, green-haired psychopathic prankster has defaced Dent’s campaign with his own website, Ibelieveinharveydenttoo.com. Once there, you can enter your e-mail and the code below. Then go to your e-mail account, click on the link sent to you, and enter in the X & Y coordinates of the pixel given to you, and watch as the pixel is removed from the banner to reveal the image underneath. Enough pixels have been removed to almost make out the hidden image. Ladies and gentlemen, I think you all know whose sunken eyes those are staring back at you. The moment we've all been waiting for appears to have finally arrived.

Extra Tidbit: Kudos Warner Bros., for a brilliant marketing campaign.



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