Joker with Legend?

This should please the thousands of readers who desire / demand that we post every tiny slice of information about next year's Batman sequel THE DARK KNIGHT.

If you can't wait until mid-2008 to get your fix of Heath Ledger as the heavily lipsticked Clown Prince of Crime, it sounds like there will be a preview of the Caped Crusader and his green-haired nemesis packaged with the IMAX version of Warner Bros.' upcoming Will Smith sci-fi / horror tale I AM LEGEND.

The clip will reportedly run 6 or 7 minutes, and will be a "prologue about the Joker" -- whether that means this is just an advance look at his background story from the movie or IMAX exclusive footage is unknown, but the Batfans will no doubt be there this December to find out. Collider has a few other morsels about the movie, which you can read RIGHT HERE.
Extra Tidbit: No version of the Joker's comic book origin (or his real name) is considered definitive -- the character himself has claimed he remembers his background several different ways.
Source: Collider



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