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Jolie now un-Salted?


Big Ben, Parliament!

Things seem to be going around and around on the spy thriller EDWIN A. SALT. It was first intended as a Tom Cruise vehicle, but then he was reportedly replaced by Angelina Jolie, bringing whatever gender-specific changes that implied.

But now it sounds like Jolie may want to keep those succulent lips away from any cinematic sodium chloride. IGN says that Jolie could be departing the espionage tale for reasons involving the production timeline (both the film's and her own).

The movie involves a CIA officer accused of being a Russian sleeper spy and sent on the run to prove their innocence. Philip Noyce (A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER) is still attached to direct the script from Kurt Wimmer (EQUILIBRIUM), but without Jolie's perceived female value, the project may be heading back to A-list males for a new star.

Extra Tidbit: Could these complications all be some kind of karmic retribution for Wimmer's last project, the dreadful ULTRAVIOLET?
Source: IGN



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