Jolie, Ridley, Gucci

Are Angelina Jolie and Ridley Scott trying to outschedule each other? She just slid into THE TOURIST, and he's already juggling a dozen things including his latest, adapting the RED RIDING TRILOGY.

But will those packed schedules somehow miraculously -- and fashionably -- converge? Scott has been planning to bring the story of the iconic Gucci family to screens, and wants Jolie to slink around in expensive garb and plot murder as Patrizia Gucci.

The project, sort of a well-dressed mob tale, will focus on the Gucci family's wild internal quarrels in the 70s and 80s, during which time the successful "luxury goods" company verged on bankruptcy before ultimately becoming an influential fashion house and profitable business operation. Maurizio Gucci was gunned down in 1995 in a hit arranged by his greedy and spiteful ex-wife Patrizia.

Scott reportedly wants to reel in his equally busy BODY OF LIES collaborator Leonardo DiCaprio for the movie, but the whole thing is still coming together.

Extra Tidbit: If you were hoping Scott and Jolie were teaming up for a G.I. JANE sequel... ha, outta luck!
Source: Variety



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