Jolie tracks killers

Angelina Jolie: Medical Examiner? Fox has acquired the screen rights to author Patricia Cornwell's series of novels based around the popular Kay Scarpetta character, a medical examiner who solves crimes. Angelina Jolie, who would star in the films, has been active in the negotiations and has met with Cornwell to discuss the development of her novels into a series of films. Fox and Jolie envision the Scarpetta series, which include such B-movie titles as "Body of Evidence," "Point of Origin" and "Black Notice," as a sort of suspense-thriller version of the BOURNE franchise (why does everything have to be like BOURNE?!).

Jolie has a lot on her potential plate and there isn't even a writer or director attached to the film yet so any movie could still be a ways off (Columbia previously and unsuccessfully tried to adapt the books into a movie). Jolie is currently filming the action flick SALT and will soon begin work on KUNG FU PANDA 2.

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Source: Variety



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